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All investors – whether they are individuals or institutions – have similar goals.  They want their investments to be protected.  They want their investments to grow.  And they want complete control over their capital and transparency into the advisors and managers working on their behalf. 


As the Investor’s Advocate, Granite Group Advisors seeks to accomplish these goals through an investment process and business structure that puts client needs at the center of all decisions.

As an independent firm, we are not bound by a limited set of managers on a platform.  We screen wide ranges of managers across all asset classes, and use in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify managers that have excelled at generating returns, protecting capital and maintaining style discipline over a full market cycle.


We work closely with our institutional and high net worth clients to understand their return needs and risk tolerances and build customized portfolios of allocations to best-in-class investment managers.  We emphasize diversification through distinct investment philosophies, as we believe this creates higher quality returns.



We are entry point sensitive because the markets produce different risks and opportunities at different times.  We implement allocations to preserve capital in high risk periods and deploy it when opportunities are greatest.



We understand the critical importance of transparency and safety when managing wealth.  We are compensated by and work only for our clients, not by managers, banks or service providers.  All client assets are held by an independent custodian, so that clients maintain complete control over their assets.

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