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2014-05-07 :: Credit Suisse Nears Record Tax Plea

In a recent article by the Wall Street Journal (attached), Credit Suisse is nearing a guilty plea over helping wealthy Americans evade taxes. UBS and HSBC are also in the same boat. This type of practice is not only unethical, but when your assets are within an institution that is also the money manager and custodian, you may be adding another level of risk. The idea of large institutions performing all functions, whether it is a private client or 401k, is obsolete.

Would your family or your corporate 401k  be safer in an independent model? Granite Group Advisors is an independent consultant firm using independent managers and independent custodians. This is a safer way to represent you, your family or your corporate retirement plan. Truth, Transparency and Safety are how Granite Group Advisors operates.

If you are interested in learning a safer way, please call.


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